Sunday, December 7, 2008


What a difference a day makes. Well, that and the fact that John took the girls and let me sleep in this morning. What a treat! It's also amusing that 7:45 is considered "sleeping in." But you take what you can get, right? We were so much more productive today than yesterday. Mema bought me some pantry storage bins from Williams Sonomia for my birthday. So this morning I finally got around to organizing my pantry and using them. They look great! Then I took the girls to Target. Maddie wasn't feeling too great (maybe a tooth coming in for her???) and I had to go to the baby isle and buy an emergency paci. I stopped bring pacifiers in the store with me because they never want them. They are always so busy looking around and "talking" to everyone who passes them that they don't want the pacifiers. Well today, Maddie did. We've lost a few paci's recently so I wanted to buy some more anyway. At the check out lane I gave the lady the empty package and told her that they were already in use. She totally understood.

When I got back home John made some cookies for a Christmas Cookie Exchange that I'm going to on Tuesday. He's the baker, not me. I cook, but aparently I'm in capable of baking. I've finally decided to just plain accept it. He made S'mookies. They are like Peanut Butter S'more cookies. And they are delicious!!!

After lunch, Izzie took a nap (Maddie took one before lunch) so I took Maddie with me to Walmart. We bought some Christmas lights for the outside of our house. Two years ago (when we last decorated) we bought the icicle kind of lights. They were a nightmare. They got twisted every time a breeze blew past. We gave those away and so this year we are going with the big fat bulbs.

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