Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Daddy and Izzie playing.

Future Cheerleader??? -Maddie

What a smile!! -Maddie

Shopping is HARD work! (Just got home) -Izzie

Last night we had a sleet storm. That sounds funny, but it was just coming down in sheets. The whole entire deck got covered in white in minutes. This happened right after we put the girls down to bed. John and I went outside on the deck to "slide" around in the ice, but it wasn't slippery; it was crunchy. He finally made me go in because he was terrified I was going to break something. And honestly, I really don't need to break anything right now! We had fun playing in the sleet. Some got down the back of my shirt and it was COLD!! We got bundled up last night and I put blankets on the girls.

This morning I turned on the fireplace. As much as I absolutely love wood burning fires, the convenience of a gas fireplace with fake logs is nice when you want to get toasty warm. If you hold your left eye shut and squint through your right eye you can sort of pretend it's a real log fire. Oh well, it is nice to have the house warmed up from it though. I thought it was going to be a stay inside all day long kind of day. But we started getting antsy after lunch time, so I figured a bit of Christmas shopping was in order. I bundled the girls up and we went to Target. They had their cute little pom-pom hats on. I couldn't walk five feet without someone stopping me to tell me how cute they were. I said my sincere thank you's, but started to get frustrated when I couldn't get any shopping done. I finally took their hats off. Of course they still looked cute and I still got stopped but at least it was every ten feet!

Tonight I made Mexican Chicken Pizza's. They turned out great! I made some homemade dough while the girls were down for a nap. I poached a chicken breast while the dough was rising. Then I shredded the chicken breast and cooked it with some taco seasonings. For the pizza sauce I used a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste mixed with some salsa. I thought the salsa was too strong of a flavor and runny, but this was perfect! I used Mexican cheese, the chicken, roasted red bell peppers and olives for toppings. It was perfectly yummy! I should have taken a picture.

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