Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This morning was spent on catching up making baby food. I had depleted my supplies down to almost nothing. So I made a batch of sweet potatoes, peas, chicken and carrots this morning. I still need to make up some different fruits. I'm actually surprised that the girls still eat purees. A lot of babies at this age want to feed themselves exclusively. But it works out nice, because the purees are convient and less messy. I still give them finger foods often, but I like having the baby food around.

After the girls woke up from their nap, I took them over to my mom's house. She watched the girls while Chris and I went shopping. (Chris loves to shop!) I needed an outfit for John's company Christmas party that is on Friday night. It took a while, but we finally found a great outfit. Mom said the girls did great. She was even able to get them to take a nap. Well, sort of for Izzie. She only slept for 15 minutes, but Maddie was out for almost 2 hours! What a nap! I picked them up, came home, fed them dinner and now they are playing. They had Tofu-Chik Nuggets, cheese and pears. It's one of their favorite finger meals. It's almost time to take them up for bath and bed. Today is the longest I've spent away from the girls since they were born I think. At least during the day. They survied without me and had a great time at their Nana's house.

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Seren Dippity said...

We had fun!

We read "Green Eggs and Ham" and "The King, The Mice and the Cheese."

Izzie and I danced to the oldies like "Chantilly Lace" and "Rockin Robin". Maddie and I sang "Woohoo! Woohoo!" from the more modern "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree."

When Izzie woke Maddie up from her nap too early she tried to calm her sister down by stuffing the pacie in her mouth (even though Maddie didn't want it) and patting her on the back. So sweet!

I also think Izzie is starting to talk! She kept saying "kee kee" kee kee" every time one of the cats came by.

They wore me out though!
Whew. I'm glad *I* didn't have twins!
I can't imagine that much energy 24/7/365.

- Nana