Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This year is flown by so fast. I just looked over at my calendar to see what day it was and noticed that there are only two more days until the end of the year. Today and tomorrow and then it's 2009. This year sure was a special one. It's kind of neat that the girls were born so close to the end of a calendar year. I was a little sad on their birthday because it marked their one year, but I'll also be a little sad at the end of this year. I'm eager for my girls to grow, but the first year just goes by so fast! It's hard to believe that a year ago they were 5lb preemies and now they are big 20lb toddlers. But I'm also so proud of how they are growing so big. They are such happy babies. Of course they have their moments, every baby does, but in general they have pretty easy going temperments.

Last night was pretty good. The humidifier worked wonders. Maddie hardly coughed at all during the night, and we all got decent sleep. She slept better than I did, since I was up several times a night checking on her. I was too worried to sleep! This morning, Maddie has had some ups and downs. When she gets upset and wants me to hold her, Izzie gets worried. The look on her face is, "Is sissy okay? What's WRONG?" Even though Izzie tested positive for RSV also, she isn't exhibiting many symptoms, thankfully! One baby that doesn't feel good is enough to handle at once. (Knock on wood!!!!)

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