Sunday, December 14, 2008


This morning John and I took the girls to get pictures done for the first birthday. (I love you Uncle Darrin, but you live too far away!!) So we went to Brannick Photography. She's a mom of twins herself so I knew she'd have patience with the girls. It was exhausting! But I think we got some great pictures. At first they girls just sat there with wide open mouths. They didn't know what to think. Then Izzie thought it was hilarous to do exactly what we didn't want her to do. I spent an hour chasing her around the studio. In the end, I think we got some great 1 year old birthday shots. My favorite was the cake scene. We stripped them down to their bloomers and stuck a cake in front of them. They went to town, it was adorable! Then we dunked the girls in Sharon's bathtub, because they had frosting everywhere!!!

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