Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pajama day

Today was mostly a pajama day. We haven't done too much other than play with the girls. I spent some time organizing files on my computer. John's been playing some video games. Christmas presents still need to be organized and put up, but we are just having a lazy day. This morning we thought we were in for a day of stormy weather and I think that put us in the lazy mood. It was fairly disappointing when the storm blew through in about 15 minutes. We were in putting the girls down for a nap, so we missed most of it anyway.

Yesterday was the first day I tried dropping the middle of the day nursing. I seriously think I was attached to it more than the girls. For one thing, it's convenient. It's so much easier to nurse than get them in a high chair for a snack. I really enjoy the bonding too. Now, none of us are ready to give up the morning or night time nursing. It'll go away when it's right. Just like this one did. Maddie tried to "nurse" once during the afternoon yesterday, but that's when I gave her a snack and everything was good. As for the whole milk. I'm working the issue. I gave both girls pumped breastmilk in a sippy cup yesterday (and a couple of days before to as a tester.) Izzie wouldn't have anything to do with it and Maddie drank it with no problems. Today I gave them cold whole cow's milk. Izzie practically guzzled it down and Maddie threw her cup across the room. She did drink some of it eventually. They will get there, it's a process. Also, yesterday and today I gave them all finger food meals. They did great. I incorporated their dinners into what we were eating. Last night we had a homemade shrimp & spinach pizza with roasted garlic. I cut a slice up for them and they loved it! Tonight I made baked chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and peas. Instead of giving them mashed potatoes, while I was boiling our potatoes I threw in a sweet potato. I chopped that up and gave it to them. Izzie ate every single last morsel off her tray. Maddie... not so much. She loved the chicken but almost ignored the potato and peas. Which is strange since she loves pureed sweet potatoes and peas. You just never know. I just offer it over and over. One day they hate it, the next they love it.

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