Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas at Nana's house

Rhonda and Izzie handing out gifts.

Maddie surveying the toys.

Mema, Ryan and John

John and Rhonda in front of the Christmas tree.

Maddie and Izzie in their Twinkle outfits.

Santa stopped by Nana's house a little early this year. Today we celebrated Christmas with my Mom, Chris, Mema, Pepaw, my sister Rhonda and my cousin Ryan. The girls, having opened presents the day before, kinda got the idea. They liked the paper. They got a ton of really great toys. I have no idea how I'm going to store all of these toys! Of course, I'm going to put some away and bring them out slowly. Otherwise, they will just all get lost in a big jumble. I am also excited because I got an All-Clad skillet from John to add to my kitchen collection and a Roomba from Mom. I think Roomba is the neatest thing ever! I'm so excited to try it out but it has to charge over night. I got a beautiful necklace from Mema and Pepaw.

Mom made a yummy Christmas dinner. I think it should be a new tradition. We had a ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole and roasted brussel sprouts.

I did take a lot of pictures, but I'm still trying to sort through the birthday pictures from yesterday!
This coming week is going to be catch up. I've ignored laundry for the past few days so it's starting to consume our closet. I've got to organize all the new toys the girls got and do a general pick up after the party. The girls have their one year check up tomorrow! I don't want them to get a shot, but I am curious to what their official weight and height is!

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