Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lunch with John

Today I picked John up from work with the girls and we all went to Casa Milagro, a little Mexican restaurant. It was super crowded, but luckily they had a table for us. It's so neat seeing us sit at a table for four. Just a year ago we were a family of two (a year ago, all of our dinners were in our bed since I was on bedrest...) but now we are a family of four. Seeing the girls sit up at the table, instead of their fluffy highchairs at home, really made them seem so big. They are starting to look more like toddlers and less like babies each and everyday. Yesterday I kept them in their footsie nightgowns all day because it was so cold. They looked so cute and babyish. Today I had them dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and they look like they are ready to go to pre-school. Okay, not quite, but close! They are such big girls in restaurants. They eat their finger foods and love to join in on the conversation. Izzie sometimes has very imporant things to say, even if we don't quite understand what all of it is!

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