Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last day

John has to go back to work tomorrow. It was his last day of vacation. Although technically he did work from home some last week, but it was real slow, not many emails to work through. It was a good Christmas. Tomorrow will be interesting with just me and the girls. Hopefully tonight won't be too rough. Maddie has had a pretty bad cough all day long. I might end up calling the pedi tomorrow morning to see if she wants us to come in. So far the girls haven't gotten really sick. We've had a few runny noses, but nothing terrible. I've been dreading that full on cold that every kid gets. I want to put it off for as long as possible!

Today flew by. Somehow it just disappeared. The girls didn't go down for their morning nap until 11:00, which I think is the latest morning nap we've ever had. Maddie slept for 2.5 hours, but I think it was because she wasn't feeling well. Izzie only slept for an hour. Nana came over for a short visit around lunch time. I gave the girls some avocado slices, cheese, wheat bagel and a bit of banana for lunch. Maddie who usually loves pureed avocado hardly touched the sliced avocado. She's is beginning to frustrate me. They aren't picky eaters, but they do switch off on who is going to be "pickier" at the moment. It trades back and forth. Right now, Izzie is eating pretty much anything I throw at her. They did do better with their milk today, so that's a plus.

This evening we went over to John's aunt and uncles house for a gift exchange and dinner. We had a good time, although neither one of the girls was feeling great. Izzie just sat in my lap with her head on my shoulder, which is totally unlike her.

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