Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last day of '08

Izzie and Maddie January 1, 2008

Maddie and Izzie December 31, 2008.

Today closes out the end of a very eventful year. I look back to last year when the girls were only a few days old. We've come a long way. They are so active with little personalities of their own. I look forward to this time next year. I'll have two, two-year olds and all that entails! What a fun filled year I have to look forward to.

This year we have been very busy. Here's 2008 in review:
Ditt house: The big event was leaving the house with twins! We made it over to Grandma's house and Nana's house. Both were big events.
Outside world: Presidential Primaries begin, Bush delivers last state of the union, Fed slashes interest rates by .75% the largest single day reduction in the banks history.
Ditt house: Took the girls out to a restaurant for the first time. Threw John a 30th birthday surprise party.
Outside world: Writers strike ends
Ditt house: John and my 5th anniversary, the girls get baptized.
Outside world: Government Intervenes to Avert Financial Crises
Ditt house: Sabrina was born, I go out on a Mom's Night Out. John goes to England for a week, we go on our first family trip out of town to visit Mema and Pepaw.
Outside world: Olympic Torch Relay draws protests and is extinguished several times.
Ditt house: Girls sleep in their own room, I have my first mother's day, I threw a Memorial day party that had 3 sets of twins, a 3 month old and a 3 year old!
Outside world: The Polar Bear is designated a Threatened Species.
Ditt house: the girls go swimming, they get their highchairs, John's first Father's Day, John goes to LA for a week, the girls sit up for the first time!
Outside world: California performs same sex marriages
Ditt house: Started solids, 4th of July party, another trip out of town to Mema and Pepaw's house.
Outside world: California Bans Transfats in Restaurants
Ditt house: Eating solids great now, Dana announces her pregnancy, I get a minivan named Lucy, I go to a Spa for a massage, the girls start finger foods, my friend's baby (Noah Popp) is born.
Outside world: Summer Olympics begin, Michael Phelps wins 8 golds in one olympics and sets the world record for 11 career golds.
Ditt house: John goes to Chicago, Tahoe Trip, First time on a plane, Greek festival
Outside world: Hurrican Gustav hits New Orleans as a Category 2. Hurrican Ike hits Galveston and causes massive destruction.
Ditt house: the girls get a baby gate, I dyed my hair "red", John goes to San Fransico, We have crawlers, the girls dress up as princesses for Halloween.
Outside world: Obama and McCain hold debates, Senate passes bailout plan.
Ditt house: Girls start taking bath together, we visit the Dallas Arboretum, We visit the zoo, I take the girls with my sister, Rhonda, to Mema and Pepaws, first Thanksgiving.
Outside World: Barak Obama is elected president as the first African American President.
Ditt house: The girls start saying words, They turn one, 2nd Christmas
Outside world:Unemployment rate goes up.

Well... that's a wrap!

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Dana Lynne said...

What a wonderful post! I wish I had read it before having just put Jillian to bed...I would've gotten one, last picture of her in 2008...

Your girls are precious - we wish you a Happy 2009!