Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been busy

Dresser with TV on top. Travis making a cameo appearance!

Our brand new bed. I LOVE it. It has drawers on the sides.

The veggie pizza appetizer I made for the Cookie Party.

John's cookies of the year! Mexican Chocolate Macaroons. They were a HUGE hit.

All the cookies this year looked so beautiful!

I thought some were store bought! Everyone did a great job. (John's are on the left on the silver platter)

What a busy couple of days trying to get ready for the girls Birthday Party, Andrea's Cookie Party and having our new bedroom furniture delivered!!! Yesterday was so crazy! I'm glad John was home to help with everything. John was baking cookies for me for the Cookie Party, I was making an appetizer to bring, we were clearing out our bedroom to make room for the new furniture and the finally dealing with the furniture delivery guys. They were fun guys, they kept waving and talking to the girls. One guy even wanted to hang out and play X-Box with John! We told them thanks for delivering the furniture and have a very Merry Christmas and sent them on their way. But at least they were smiling, happy delivery guys. Instead of an entertainment center, we bought a tall dresser to use as a media center. The bedside tables barely fit by the bed, if they had been 1/8 of an inch longer they wouldn't have fit! I love the new furniture and can't wait to get new curtains and decorations!

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Dana Lynne said...

Congratulations on your new furniture - I know how excited you must be! (it's beautiful!)

Ummmm...Might I get the recipes for the veggie pizzas and mexican chocolate macaroons?! If I could, I'd make BOTH treats right NOW!!!