Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The day to day things

Maddie and Izzie eating lunch.

Today is a very drizzly day. Where you can't even consider it rain because it's more of a mist that is hanging in the air. I had to make a run to the grocery store for cookie ingredients for Andrea's annual Christmas party. I decied to take the girls with me even though John was home on vacation. They've been cooped up in the house for a few days because of the cold weather and were getting stir crazy. John helped me get them all ready and then we went to the car. I didn't realize it was drizzling or I would have said no way, but we had them all bundled up and ready to go, so I just went with it. Normally, when I get to a grocery store, I scan the parking lot. Not for the closest parking spot. I don't have that luxury anymore. I have to park next to an abandoned shopping cart. This way, I can put both girls in the shopping cart without leaving them in the car by themselves. Well on this drizzly, wet day there of course were NO shopping carts in the parking lot. So, I get Izzie out of her carseat. Then I sit her on the floorboard of the van in front of Maddie's seat. I get Maddie out of her carseat while holding Izzie in place with my knee. So I'm holding Maddie and I lean over and scoop up Izzie. Can I mention now that I really appreciate the automatic doors on my van? Now I'm holding both girls and I make my way up to the store. We secured a cart and off we were to shopping.

Sometimes it's the little things that you have to figure out with twins. It's the logistics of how to move two babies. It's one reason I've been nervous about joining playdates. I play it through my head. How does it work? Can I figure out a solution? I can just see pulling up to someone's house. Then I have to do what I did in the parking lot of Krogers and find a way to ring the door bell. Or I leave the girls in the car, knock on the door, plead for help from the playdate mom to help me bring my girls in. Then there is the question of keeping the girls wrangled in someone else's house. The thought sounds exhausting! I know I need to do it one of these days. I joined a great group of Mom's in the Wylie Mom's Meet-Up group, but so far the only activity I have attended was one I could keep the girls in strapped in their stroller!

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