Friday, December 5, 2008

CSR Christmas Party

I'm very excited. Tonight is John's company Christmas party. I look forward to it each year. The first two years he was with the company it was a formal dance. That was nice, because I actually got to go shopping for a formal. Last year, they did it at a fancy restaurant, but I was on bedrest and could not attend. This year it is at Sambuca another nice restaurant.

The party was a blast. John and I were the first to arrive because there was a huge accident on the freeway that most people got caught in. We were there a few minutes and his co-worker Brian and his wife Erin showed up. We ordered some drinks and started visiting. More and more people started showing up. I had a great time this year, because I'm finally starting to get to know some of his co-workers and their wives. The first Christmas party was fun, but I didn't know anyone. This year was a world of difference. I've been to several parties now and on a few business trips.

Once it was time to sit and eat, we sat across the table from Brian and Erin. I was also next to Mig and his girlfriend Becky. Ken and his wife Kelley were also in shouting distance. Well, I say shouting distance because until they finally turned the music down, you had to shout at everybody. It was ridiculous. We had an open bar, which was fun. I don't drink very often and when I do it's usually girly frozen drinks. I was disappointed to find out that they weren't serving frozen drinks. I drank a Cherry Vodka Sour in honor of my friend Robby. He took me out to my first drink in college and that is what he told me to order. Then I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea in honor of my friend Jamie. It's her favorite. After that I was finished. Water was plenty enough for me! The food was delicious. The company was fun. There was lots of jokes and teasing going on. Everytime I tried to take a picture someone was making a funny face or sticking their fingers in the shot.

We didn't get to bed until midnight. That is the latest I've stayed up since the girls were born. I'm feeling it this morning, that's for sure!!

John and I at the Christmas Party.

Our table at Sambuca.

James making me an origami flower.

A crane and flower that James made with the Sambuca menus.

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