Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Maddie and Grandma

Dana with her Bear-foot and Pregnant shirt.

Jackie's Village. It's amazing! This is only half of it.

Grandma and Izzie

John and me.

Julie and Sabrina

Nanny with Sabrina

Maddie and Izzie

Maddie and Izzie's toys. Sammy liked them too!

The Christmas Tree.

Yesterday was a long, fun and exhausting day. But that kind of exhausting that is very satisfying. The kind where you know you had a good day and will remember it for years to come. This was technically the girls 2nd Christmas as they were 5 days old last Christmas. But this year, they sure had fun. They loved the chaos of all the boxes and paper. Who cares about the toys, bring on the boxes!

We arrived at John's parents house at around 8am yesterday. We sat around visiting until Julie, Chris and Sammy came over. Then we plowed into a yummy breakfast. There was a ton of food! After our tummies were full we opened presents. Jackie and Tom out did themselves this year. It took us two hours to open all of the presents. The girls got some cute outfits and lots of toys. I got a new henkels knife for my kitchen collection and a GPS for my car. There were lots of little fun gifts too, like a garlic keeper, bath oils, dish towels, muffin tin and many more. Grandma gave me a beautiful throw blanket for my living room. John got some tools and clothes. I got him a t-shirt that says, "Now all I need are Minions." I told him that Maddie and Izzie are his minions! My favorite gift of the day was a t-shirt Dana got that said "Bear-foot and Pregnant" with a big bear on the front. She's expecting little Whosit Klement in April.

Family friends stopped by to visit after gifts and we sat around visiting. Then it was time for Christmas dinner. We had a yummy smoked turkey, a ham, a couple of casseroles. It was fantastic. By the end of dinner, the girls were tired, we were stuffed and sleepy. We headed home and after a little playtime, baths and putting the girls down, John and I laid in bed and watched a movie. It was a great end to a great day.

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