Monday, December 15, 2008

BRR Cold

It is a very cold day. Well, at least for us Texans. I know all of the relatives up in Wisconsin 32 degrees may be "normal' but for us, it's cold! We've got the fireplace going and are all snuggled up. My mom came to visit the girls today. She and Chris have been sick and therefore banned from the household. Now that she is better she said she wanted some "twin-time" as she calls it. They had fun playing with her for a while this afternoon. After she left, I fed them lunch. I need Mema to bring me some of HER greenbeans when she comes this weekend, because apparently MINE aren't god enough for the discerning tastes of my (almost) one year olds. They ate about 1/2 of their portion, which is still great, but last time we were in Bryan, they couldn't get enough of Mema's greenbeans. Mostly my girls are pretty good eaters for this age.


The Ortega's said...

Hmmm...all those PAMOM meetings and I didn't realize you had relatives in Wisconsin!! Are you from there as well? I was born in Menomonee Falls and moved to TX when I was 10. Your blog looks great. FYI, the Blurb books turn out nice, but you need to lighten all your photos. Looking forward to seeing some of those 1st birthday pictures!

Amanda said...

The Wisconsin side of the family belongs to my husband. They are mostly around Appleton, WI. I'm actually going to go visit for the very first time this summer (If all goes as planned!)