Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birthday memories

Izzie and Maddie's birthday cakes that Nana and Popo made for them. They are SO cute!!! These cakes were for the grownups to eat.

Izzie and Maddie eating the cakes that Grandma made especially for them!



Izzie and Maddie rocking in the chairs that Mema bought for them.

Yesterday was a fun-filled, very busy day. I think the girls had an absolute blast. The morning started off mostly normal, except for the fact that I was dashing around the house trying to get last minute things done. I had the bright idea to do a video picture montage for our tv to have playing during the party. I had this bright idea about two days before the birthday and I've taken approxiametly 4,500 photos this last year. There wasn't a moment I didn't want to catch. Needless to say, that many photos was a lot to go through to pick out the very best for the video. John and I finished it up about an hour before the party.

Mema, Pepaw and Ryan were the first to arrive. Then Mom and Chris came with the Winnie-the-Pooh cakes. They worked all through the night to get them iced up. They turned out fabulous. Then everyone else arrived: John Chenault, Grandma Bettie, Grandpa Jimmy, my aunt Tanya and Uncle Jim with their daughters Madison and Taylor. Next came Jackie, Tom and Grandma. Then came John's aunt and uncle Judy and Jim. We had a full house.

The girls were very dainty eating their cakes. It took a while for them to really get into it and start smearing it around their faces. I didn't want to cut into the Winnie-the-Pooh cakes, but I had to. The girls got a ton of awesome toys and a few outfits. By the end, they were worn out. Luckily the party was winding down, and the birthday girls went upstairs to take a long nap.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Izzie sit in the rocking chair that Mema bought for them. Jackie put her in and she sat there and started rocking herself. She looked like such a big girl. I thought for sure she would topple out of it, but when she was done, she just slid to the edge and stood up. I put Maddie in her rocking chair and they were both rocking back and forth. They both just looked so big sitting there together.

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