Friday, December 12, 2008

Bathtime fun

Last night at bathtime, Izzie decided to learn what the word "NO" means. I've been saying "No" to them for a few weeks now and I've been lucky with their reaction. Up until this point my stern voice has been enough of a distraction for them to go onto something else and leave the "No" thing alone. The TV buttons, outlets (that have already been covered) and Ripley's water bowl are some of the things we've been repeatedly saying no to lately.

Well, last night I had both of the girls taking a splishy-splashy. They were having their usual grand ole time, splashing the water, fighting over the best toys and just having fun. Then Maddie's hair caught Izzie's eye. I think because it was wet and sticking up sort of funny. Well, Izzie reached up to pull on it. I said "No, Izzie!" and put her hand on a toy. Up until now that has been fine. Last night, Izzie looked back at me and said, "OOOH!" and started shaking her head vigorously. I didn't realize I shook my head when I said no, but apparently I do, because she had to learn it from somewhere. The look in her eye, was like, "Hey, I figured this out!" Then she reached up and tried to pull Maddie's hair again. I removed her hand and said, "No, Izzie." And again, she looked at me said, "OOH!" and started shaking her head. I was trying so hard not to laugh and to stay stern. Luckily she wasn't pulling hard enough to make Maddie cry. We did this dance about four times, before I finally was able to get her to stop. I was telling her, "Izzie when you pull sissy's hair it hurts and makes her cry." I mean, I know she doesn't understand all of that, but I was just trying to keep from laughing. She looked so cute shaking her head and saying no.

Well the girls continued to play for a little longer and Izzie's bellybutton caught Maddie's eye. So Maddie kept trying to stick her finger in it. This of course bothered Izzie. I tried to show Maddie her own belly button, but she couldn't see it. She could feel it and she kept trying to turn herself upside down to get a look at it. She started sucking her belly in and everything. It was so funny! Then she figured it was just so much easier to play with Izzie's belly button, so back to the no. As in "No, Maddie, leave Izzie alone." It was a pretty eventful bath but one that really made me smile.

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Seren Dippity said...

Enjoy the laughter. Won't be long before "No!" isn't quite so funny. ;-D