Sunday, November 9, 2008

Visiting Nana and Grandma & Grandpa

Maddie at Grandma's house.



Maddie stealing Sabrina's pacifier. Sabrina fits right in with the girls, they treat her the same as they treat each other.

Sabrina, not afraid to jump right in. She's Kissing Izzie.

Today was visiting day. I was going to take both girls over to Nana's house for lunch, but they were on complete opposite schedules this morning. Maddie slept through lunch. So, she had to stay home with John and Izzie and I went out to eat with my Mom. It was so weird only having one baby with us at the restaurant! We really missed having Maddie with us. But it gave Izzie some special time. Maddie got some alone time with Daddy when she woke up from her nap.

Yeah, it was pretty weird this morning. The girls saw each other in passing. When one was up the other was sleeping it seemed like. Hopefully they will be back on schedule tomorrow.

After lunch, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Chris, Julie, Sammy and Sabrina came over too. The cousins all looked SO cute hanging out playing toys together. You can tell Sabrina has an older brother because she kept grabbing the girls and giving them kisses. She was pretty aggressive about it, but Izzie and Maddie didn't seem to mind. It was cute to see her loving on the girls so much. Then of course, Maddie and Izzie both tried to steal Sabrina's paci. Oh, and Sabrina was watching the girls crawl and she got mad when she couldn't figure out how to do it too! She'd get up on all fours and rock and rock and let out a little squeal of frustration.

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