Friday, November 14, 2008

Our first Zoo Trip

We went to the Dallas Zoo today! We are actually bigger fans of the Fort Worth Zoo, but a co-worker told John that half of the FW Zoo was under construction. Since it's so much farther away, we decided we'd go to the Dallas Zoo this year and then next spring when the FW Zoo opens their remodeled exhibits we'd take the girls there. I love zoos. I always have. I guess because growing up we lived close to the Houston Zoo which is also a very nice zoo.

The girls were of course to young to really understand where we were, but they still had a good time. I think they enjoyed watching all of the elementary students there on field trip more than most of the animals. But then again, a class of elementary students IS more exciting than some of the animals at the zoo. They whoop and holler and run around alot. We got to get up REALLY close to a gorilla. As a matter of fact, when he moved, I jumped back scared. They also noticed the elephant. But mostly they enjoyed watching all of the other kids, being pushed in their stroller and lunch time. They always like lunch time.


Momma and Izzie

Izzie, Maddie and Daddy

Izzie, Maddie and Momma

Momma and Maddie

Momma, Maddie and Izzie.

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David, Wendy, Alaina, and Leo said...

I love zoos too! If you get the chance you should check out the Waco zoo. It is very unique! It feels more like a nature walk than walking through a zoo. Glad you had fun!

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