Thursday, November 6, 2008

One of those no nap kind of days

So far today, I haven't had much success with getting the girls down for a nap. For their morning nap Maddie slept for about 15 minutes while Izzie cried almost the whole time. Her crying eventually woke Maddie up. I brought them downstairs to play for a while. Then I tried again after lunch. This time Izzie went down for about 15 min while Maddie cried the whole time. Eventually she woke Izzie up. So, I brought them downstairs to play for a while. Now it's 2 and I think I'll try again in a few minutes. They are so tired, they keep rubbing their eyes, but for some reason today they are seriously resisting nap time. I'm not sure what is going on. I took them on a walk but it's so hot out there I got sweaty, and one should not sweat in November. A week or two ago, I thought winter was here, but now it's practically summer. That's Texas weather for you.

As far as we know, John's job is safe for the time being. We are really sad about all of the people the company let go but at the same time thankful that his position is still safe. It's been a very hard and stressful week.

Here are some pics from the past few days:

Maddie, Nana and Izzie at Chili's.

Izzie and Maddie helping me in the kitchen.

The girls favorite thing to do right now is to climb Mt Momma. If I sit on the floor they both come crawling over and start to scale me. It's really hard to extract myself from their little paws. It's cute, but can be overwhelming! They reach for my glasses, hair, mouth, nose anything they can grasp! I took this picture as they were climbing up me. (Izzie left, Maddie right)

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Kara Ross said...

Too funny!!! We have made this mountain reference recently also!!
Have a great weekend!