Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meeting Santa

Today was a very special day for the girls. Maddie and Izzie got to meet Santa for the very first time. It went so good too! They were a bit weary of him at first, but they both warmed up pretty quickly. We went to Unka D's photography studio and had pictures taken with Santa. We got a ton of cute poses.

We also saw my cousin Lisa and her boy AJ this afternoon. Lisa has only gotten to see the girls for about five minutes since they were born. The first time I came to Bryan, AJ was sick, so she didn't want to stay too long. The second time, I ran out of visiting time, and never got to hook up with her. So she and AJ came over to Mema's house and we hung out for awhile. AJ has gotten so big! He's 3.5 years old, but it seems like yesterday that Lisa told me she was having a baby boy.

The girls are having so much fun with Mema. I wish I could be as creative as she is. Every other minute she is coming up with a new activity to keep the girls entertained. When I get back to Dallas it's going to be rough! They are getting used to their Mema very fast.

Rhonda has been indispensable. I could not have done the studio without her that's for sure. That and just keeping the girls rounded up here at Mema's house. They are really fast and love to get into everything. Rhonda has so much patience with little kids.

There is so much more to say, but I'm exhausted and a bit brain dead. It's been a very long day. The girls are asleep and I get a few minutes to visit with Mema before I have to head to bed, so we can have more adventures in the morning.

(I'm taking tons of pictures, I'll have to add them later)

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deb said...

We are planning our trip to see Santa next week. Nice blog. I'm always interested seeing other twin moms. I have 7 month old twins. Saw some of your posts over on twins mag board.