Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dallas Arboretum

This morning John and I took the girls to the Dallas Arboretum. We've been wanting to go ever since they could sit up to get some good photos. As it was, we didn't end up getting the best photos, but we did have a good time. We met other families from Plano Area Mom's of Multiples when we got there. Basically we got together, took a group photo and then dispersed. We met up at noon for a picnic and another group photo. We met up with Kim, Marc and their twins Cambry and Sebestian. We strolled around the gardens with them for a while, took some pics and then went and ate a picnic. The weather was great and the gardens were pretty. I think the girls had fun, but they mostly kept looking around like, "Where are we?"

The rest of the day has been pretty laid back and relaxed. We needed that after this last week! John is reading Brisingr by: Christopher Paolini. It's the third in the series. I just finished rereading Eragon the first book in the series. The girls played in their toy room for a long time. Although I have a feeling that bedtime is going to be a bit early tonight. We spent a long day in the sun and didn't have an afternoon nap.

PAMOM group. More families showed up after this photo.

Cambry, Sebastian, Maddie and Izzie.

Maddie and Izzie

Momma, Izzie, Daddy and Maddie.

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