Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A better day

The girls feel tons better today. They still have drippy noses, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Plus they caught up on their beauty sleep. They slept pretty well last night and they had two naps today. Maddie slept for a total of 3.5 hours at nap times and Izzie 4 hours!

We are fairly certain that John survived this round of layoffs with his company. More news will be coming from the company throughout the week though. It was a very sad day for him, for some of his close friends/colleagues were let go.

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Wylie Freecycle Group. It's a really neat idea. Basically Freecycle's mission is to keep usable things out of the landfills. Everything on it is free. Well today, some one had a bag of ladies shoes available for porch pick up in mine and my mom's sizes. So I figured it would be a fun outing for the girls and me. Out of the bag of shoes, I found 2 pair I liked and Mom found 2 she liked. I think that's a pretty good score! I'll add the rest of the shoes to the thinks I have going to Good Will or Freecycle them again!

Also today, when the girls were down for nap number two, I was browsing around on the internet and I found a group on Meetup.com called Wylie Mom's Meetup.
They sound like a great group of women who schedule lots of fun playdates with kids. I'm excited to get out and meet some moms in my area. I love PAMOM, but a lot of it's members live 30-45 minutes away from me. It'll be nice to meet some people who live 5 or 10 minutes away.

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JJBH said...

We are glad you joined! Can't wait to meet you.
Joy D