Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where did Fall go?

I think we must have skipped Fall this year. I was all excited that the weather was getting cooler, and then it went straight to cold! I hoping that this is just a cold front and that it will warm up again. I bought a bike trailer for my girls and I wanted to use it in the Fall not Winter! Although, if we bundle up well enough it should work. It's got a rain cover that will shield out most of the wind too. It's probably warmer (for them) than the stroller. Speaking of which...
(Izzie and Maddie)

last night we went on a walk and had to get all bundled up. It wasn't that cold outside, but it was pretty windy. We just went around the block. I've got to figure a way to keep the blankets tucked around them better. Maddie kept trying to kick hers off. That and their hats, these were a bit small, but I couldn't find any that would go over their ears. All the ones from last year are tiny!

This morning it is still pretty chilly so I left the girls in their new nighties. I bought them some flannel ones at Walmart the other day. They are size 12months so they have a little room to grow, but the fit better than I thought they would. The outfits looked so big on the rack!

Maddie and Izzie posing in their jammies. (They didn't pull themselves up, I stood them up for the photo.)

I love this expression on Izzie's face!

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Audrey said...

Hi I found your blog through the Twins message boards. Where did you get your large baby gate? I need one for my family room and want to buy it before my twins are mobile. They are 3 months old now. Thanks!