Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today has been a hang around the house and get stuff done sort of day. The girls have been very happy. Maddie is so busy learning how her world works, she's all but tuned everyone else out. She has places to go, toys to figure out and havoc to cause. Izzie on the other hand is still set on developing her social skills and wants to do whatever John or I are doing. Although, jumping in the jumperoo is a close second.

Next weekend we are having a garage sale. It's a community wide garage sale and this is the first year we are going to participate in it. I spent some time in my upstairs closet pricing stuff. John went through the computer room and priced a bunch of his stuff. One thing that is fun about garage sales is that you never know what will sell. The things you think no one in their right mind would buy, usually go first!

I've also spent a portion of the day playing on my computer. I've found that it is very entertaining to make blog backgrounds. This then translated into computer backgrounds. I've been "playing" I mean, learning new photoshop techniques all morning!

The girls were so tired tonight. They took a two hour nap this morning (10:30-12:30) and then were super energized for the afternoon. At 3:30, we tried to put them down again, thinking a 30 minute snooze would do some good. They did not nap. After playing in their crib for a half hour, I brought them back downstairs. Even though they were happy in their cribs, I didn't want them to fall asleep too late. This evening they were a bit fussy, but not too bad. At 7pm we took them upstairs to nurse/bathe/bed. They fell asleep hard while nursing. We decided to forgo the bath portion, even though Maddie had a bit of supper in her hair. They slept through a diaper change and nightgowns. We laid them down in the crib and they were off to slumber land.

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