Friday, October 10, 2008

Sitting up (maybe) & first dinner

We think Izzie was sitting herself up today. We never actually saw her do it, but we'd put her sitting down and leave the room and when we came back she would be sitting in a different position. Hum. Both Maddie and Izzie tried to practice pulling up on things but had no success unless I helped them. Maddie hasn't been successful since the first time she did it while Grandma and Grandpa were here. I'm glad I had witnesses!

Tonight they had their first "real" dinner with us. I made John and I Shepherd's Pie. It's one of my favorites! For those that don't know it's meat, veggies and gravy with mashed potatoes on top. Well before I added the gravy to the meat and veggies and before I had turned the potatoes into mashed potatoes I pulled aside some for the girls and pureed it. I should have done less meat and more potato. Maddie was okay with it, but Izzie didn't like it at all! They still don't like meat by itself, I always mix it with a veggie. So, I just pulled some of their sweet potatoes from the freezer and then mixed in a smaller amount of their "Shepherd's Pie" to the sweet potatoes. Then it was game on. They loved it! I put the rest of the Shepherd's Pie Puree (doesn't that just sound yummy??) into an ice cube tray for another day.

a cute picture I took of Daddy and his girls and puppy the other night.

Maddie hanging out in her diaper a few mornings ago.

Izzie in her diaper playing with her homemade rice shaker toy.

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