Monday, October 6, 2008

Sitting up by herself

When Maddie woke up from her nap this afternoon, I went upstairs to get her and there she was... sitting up in her crib. As far as I know it was her first time to sit up all by herself. She's also been really improving on her crawl. Her favorite crawling motivators are Ripley and telephones just out of reach.

Izzie isn't without her own first this morning. She threw her first real temper tantrum. I was changing Maddie's diaper and Izzie wanted me to pick her up. She balled up her fists and got this (cute) angry look on her face and just pounded her fists up and down. It was quite adorable. I know it won't be in a few months, but her first one was. I tried not to laugh at her. I just told her she had to wait her turn. When I was finished with Maddie I picked up Izzie and she cuddled right into me.

Maddie started saying Dada today. Izzie started saying NanaNana really clear today.

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