Friday, October 3, 2008

Play date with Andy and Alex

This morning I took the girls to Andy and Alex Imes house. They are a few months older than Maddie and Izzie. They turn one later this month. I was very impressed with my girls, they did so great! Izzie was playing by herself in the corner of their living room for most of the time, but Maddie and Alex were actually sort of playing "together." If you count taking each others toys and then giving them back. Alex would hand Maddie a toy, Maddie would take it from her out reached hand, and then a few seconds later Alex grabbed it back. Then Maddie would do the same. It's the beginnings of social interaction. I've heard that twins will interact with other babies at a much younger age than singletons.

Well, MY plan was to stay there for an hour or so then head home for nap time. The girls had other plans. They didn't want to go down for nap. Finally, after a while, I decided to just bring them back downstairs. I normally don't like doing that, but I didn't have much choice this time around. But, they really weren't tired yet. They played by themselves in the toy room for almost an hour. Happy as bumble bees. I got some cleaning done. Then I put them down for a nap and they've been asleep for an hour and half. I even got dinner pre-made. It's been a very good happy day.

Maddie, Izzie, Andy and Alex.

On Wed I had the girls practicing using their sippy cups with water. I was cleaning up their breakfast mess and making my next batch of baby food. I look over and Izzie had stolen Maddie's water!

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