Saturday, October 4, 2008

Outside play

We've had a laid back Saturday. We didn't do much of anything this morning and the day didn't pick up speed until lunch time. We met John's friend John at On the Border for lunch. The girls were great, like usual. Although they ate all of my avocado! I brought lunch for them, but they wanted what was off our plates.

When we got home, they were playing happily and I took the opportunity to start painting the upstairs. We ordered paint for the upstairs hallway over a year ago. Well, even before I got pregnant, but we haven't had a chance to start that project. I really don't have time to start it now, really. I've got so many things going on I hardly can keep them straight in my head. So, I took about 45 minutes and painted most of one wall. I was trying to decide if I like the color. It's a lot darker than I thought it would be. I'll let see if it grows on me.

This afternoon felt great outside so the girls and I took a blankey outside. Actually John joined us for a little while too. Izzie kept patting the grass. Maddie cried anytime she rolled off the blanket. But I think she just woke up from the wrong side of the crib after naptime. She was grumpy no matter what we tried with her.

Maddie and Izzie on my Great Grandma Cottles handmade quilt.

Enjoying the backyard...

Ripley enjoying the lounge chair. John says he looks like a grumpy old man in this picture.

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No.1Memaw said...

hey, this looks like your pepaw!!