Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Out and about with the girls

Yesterday afternoon Maddie, Izzie and I went to a playdate over at Ashley's house to spend time with Zella and Lila. The girls are getting so active and while they aren't playing together, they are playing near each other. And sometimes with each other (as in, one baby becomes a toy for another baby.) Lila and Zella are lacking in the hair department so they were facinated with Izzie and Maddie's tiny bit of hair. They kept pulling each other's hair and ears. It was hard not to laugh while we were breaking up "fights." Here are some pictures.

Today I decided to join the stroller group that got started in my Mom's of Multiples group. Somehow, I thought it was a "social" experience with exercise a side benefit. Instead I get out of the car wearing my capri jeans and cute blouse (with my everyday stroller) to a group of very lovely ladies in workout outfits and jogging strollers. I knew I was in over my head. But I decided to smile through it and see what became of it. These ladies were way out of my league. Their "walk" was my jog. It really hit home how unfit I am. I thought I was doing good walking around our neighborhood everyday, but this was pathetic. After about 10 mintues I told the ladies to go on ahead without me. I was too embarrassed to keep on going. I headed back to the car. There was a playground next to the parking lot so I go the girls out of their stroller and took some classic twin pictures. I've seen a lot of mom's take this shot and I wanted to get one done of my girls before they outgrew the swing! So that made it almost worth it. It took me an hour to get ready and gather everything up this morning and a forty minute drive for a 10 minute walk... oh well, live and learn.

On the way home, I really wanted to stop by Hobby Lobby. I'm working on the girls Halloween costumes and needed a bit more fabric. It's funny how what would have been a 10 minute run into a store before twins turned into a 40 minute deal. I got to Hobby Lobby (went straight there from the playground) and the girls had to eat. So I fed them in their carseats. Then their diapers were about to explode, so I got them out of their carseats and changed them in the back of the van. Then we loaded up into the stroller. Then we walked towards the store and got stopped by two sets of grandmas who oohed and awwed over the girls. We finally got our shopping done and then headed out to the car. It was time to reverse the process. Girls back in carseats, stroller back in van. Whew. All for 3 yards of fabric... but it'll be so worth it when they are dressed in their Halloween costumes!

Izzie and Maddie just a'swingin'

Short video of them swinging... they were more interested in watching the toddler that was swinging next to them though. The other mom asked me how old they were and said they looked cute. (You can't hear her, you can only hear me!)

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