Friday, October 17, 2008

One year ago...

A year ago today, I had two doctor's appointments. The first one was at 10am with Dr. Watkins my OB-GYN. Then at 1pm I had an appointment with Dr. Albert my periontoglogist (high-risk pregannacy doctor.)

It started out as a great day. I was just in the part of my pregnancy that I was feeling good. The first trimester was over so I wasn't as sleepy all the time or queasy. The third trimester hadn't quiet started so I wasn't too huge and uncomfortable. I was 25.5 weeks along, and while I was showing, I could still move around pretty easily. My appointment with Dr. Watkins went really well. She checked the heartbeats and measured my tummy. She said everything was looking great. Since I had time to kill before Dr. Albert's appointment I took myself out to lunch. I went to The Corner Bakery and ordered a pizza. Funny the things you remember! It was a very nice day outside, so I sat outside for awhile and chatted on the phone with my mom. Finally it was time to go see Dr. Albert.

John joined me for the sonogram, he liked to be there for them. Everything was looking terrific! Both the girls were the correct weight, they were both facing down (although, it was too early to say they would stay that way) basically everything was perfect. Then he checked my cervix with the ultrasound wand. It had lost a few centimeters since the last visit. He thought that was way too fast. So he called Dr. Watkins to confer. I had to go wait in the waiting room. We waited forever. John ended up having to go back to work. Apparently Dr. Watkins had got called into an emergency delivery! So, I was waiting in Dr. Albert's office not knowing exactly what was going on, or what it meant.

Then the news came. Go home, go to bed. Stay in bed. You get one shower a day, otherwise, go directly to Jail, do not pass Go. I think I was in shock all the way home. Like I said, I was feeling GOOD for the first time in my pregnancy and now I had to get in bed?

I was on bedrest for 8.5 weeks. Once I got to 34 weeks pregnant, Dr. Watkins determined it was "safe" to deliver from that point on and I was allowed up. I kept a calendar next to my bed where I counted the days off until week 34. That morning I tentativley got out of bed and went downstairs. Five days later, Maddie and Izzie arrived.

Bedrest wasn't too bad, looking back. Sometimes I miss it! I had a mini-fridge that John's aunt and uncle loaned us. I had a microwave. I had a tv. I had a laptop with internet access! I had lots of visitors. My mom actually moved in with me for a few weeks. John gave me lots of massages. I got addicted to word search puzzles.

Here's me at 25 weeks pregnant.

Jackie and I celebrated our birthdays together in my bedroom since I was on bedrest. She turned 60 and I turned 28. A friend ordered her a singing telegram for her birthday and had "it" show up in my bedroom!

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grandma said...

It seems like yesterday that we were waiting for our angels! Someday we will all tell them how much their parents went through to get them here.
We are in Syracuse New York tonite. The fall colors are unbelievable! We went to Niagara Falls yesterday and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Today we went to see where John's grandfather grew up and saw the graves of his ancestors. Miss you all!