Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lazy day

This week started out slow, then picked up speed really fast. By last night I was exhausted. The girls were too. Luckily John got to come home from his trip a night early though, which really helped out. So, for this morning I didn't plan a single thing and let me tell you, we had fun doing just that: Nothing. The girls were playing really well and I actually got to watch some tv. Then all of us played together. Maddie's getting really good at 'patty cake.' Izzie's now scared to stand up at her table because she fell from it too hard. We'll work it back up. The weather is absolutely beautiful, but we didn't go on a walk. We just stayed in our 'jammies. They both took excellent naps this morning and this afternoon they've been very happy babies. Izzie's been working on her "n" sound. Their consonants right now seem to be M, D and now N. Their vowels are mostly A as in Mamama Dadada. I've been trying B too, I think that is supposed to be another easy one. Izzie really watches you form your mouth to say a word and then tries really hard to imitate it.

We are about to get ready to go over to Jackie and Tom's for dinner. Dana and Cody are coming into town for a doctors appointment so the whole family is getting together. We'll get to hear how the rest of Tahoe when. (Jackie and Tom stayed an extra week.) Then in a few weeks they are off to the Northeast for a roadtrip.

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Seren Dippity said...

I TOLD you she was saying 'Nana yesterday and not momma! HA! She's calling for her Nana! Do I need to come over and play?