Thursday, October 30, 2008

John's home

John finally made it home today. He ended up spending the night at his mom's house last night. And, he'll probably spend the night tonight in the guest room. He was so sick, and we don't want to chance the girls or myself getting what he had! So, he's been walking around the house with a surgical face mask on and I've been quizzing him every 5 minutes as to whether or not he used the hand sanitzer.

The girls and I have just hung out and had an average day. We went on a bike ride. They are starting to get more used to their trailer. We also made it to Walmart to buy candy for tomorrow night. That was interesting. I had both girls strapped in the cart to their booster seats. We got stopped every 5 feet with someone telling me how cute they were. The weirdest one was the lady who asked me if they were identical. Then she said her son was a twin. Then she wanted to know if identical meant girl and fraternal meant boy. I would think that if you had a twin, you would know the answer to that! I just told her that no, you can have identical girls or boys.

We are excited about Halloween tomorrow. We are joining PAMOM at the mall for a twin parade of costumes. It should be fun and exciting. I can't wait to get the girls all dressed up in their frilly princess ballerina costumes.

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