Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hard night

Last night was just one of those nights. A really long, get-up-every-hour sort of night. Maddie was just having some issues. We keep saying teething, but we've been saying that since month 4 and they don't have any teeth to show for it. She kept waking up and was chewing on her paci and crying. Somehow, we finally got some sleep and made it to the morning. John let me sleep in and then I returned the favor by taking both girls out of the house to go grocery shopping. This gave John some quiet time. The frustrating thing is that the girls are very tired today because of the bad night, but they won't take a nap! They are fighting it with everything they got. At least Izzie finally dozed off for a bit. I wish they'd get some sleep because they are cranky and very irratable. Which is making me cranky and very irratable. I'm glad I didn't have any plans with friends today that's for sure. Now, I'm tired, from lack of sleep and trying to get chored done with fussy babies. What a day.

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