Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dentist, the good and the bad

Today was one of my six month check ups with the dentist. I'm happy to report, no cavities! The girls (I claim) gave me my first 3. I'd never had a cavity until I got pregant. Then I got one. Then I got two more. I was starting to worry about the trend. Today, no cavities! Yay. Then there was the bad news. My one and only wisdom tooth has descended. Apparently it is an infection waiting to happen, so I have to have it extracted. The dentist assures me that it is a very simple procedure, blah blah blah. It isn't his tooth that is getting extracted!

As for better news, my Mema and Pepaw are coming tomorrow! I'm so excited to see them again. They are staying for the weekend. (I wish they would stay longer.) Mema is going to help with the garage sale that we are having on Saturday.

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