Saturday, October 11, 2008

A lunch with Nana & Popo

First, the girls want to say Bon Voyage to Grandma, Grandpa and Nanny. They left today for a 3 week trip up to New England. They promised to bring them back lots and lots of toys. Or was it maple syrup? The girls swear they heard toys. In any case, we all wish you a safe and fun journey. Take lots of pictures. When you get a chance send me one or two and I'll post some of your good times.

This morning started off a bit strange as the girls decided to SLEEP in! WHOO HOO! They BOTH decided on the same morning. It was awesome and weird. But John and I were in no way at complaining. So, we had a lazy morning that went by pretty quickly. Then we headed over to Nana's. She said she made a Baked Potato Soup, which I love. Bait and switch. Once I got there she ended up making a bean soup. Which was delicious, but it wasn't Baked Potato Soup. The girl had fun rolling around and not napping. Maddie actually did sleep a little bit, but Izzie didn't. We came home around 1:30 and tried to put the girls down for a real nap.

As soon as they were asleep, I booked it out of here. I headed to Hobby Lobby to get some more stuff for the girls Halloween costumes. They are shaping up quite nicely. A sort of Ice Princess. Basically, just frilly girly with lots of rhinestones.

I just finished giving the girls some dinner and right now they are sitting in their high chairs laughing at each other. I wish I could be on the joke, because it sure is a funny one. They are in their own little world, laughing like no tomorrow.

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