Monday, October 20, 2008

10 months old

Madeline and Isabelle

Madeline and Isabelle



Madeline and Isabelle (Old Fashioned)

Madeline and Isabelle are 10 months old today! I'm not sure what it is about their month "birthday's" but they tend to be on the grumpy side. Maybe my girls don't like getting older. The reason this stands out to me is I'm always trying to do pictures on these days, and I have a horrible time getting smiles. As most people know, my girls are no stranger to the camera, they smile and ham it up most of the time. The dresses they are wearing in their 10 month pictures came from Pat, Susie and Jeanne some of my cousins in Alabama. They look like old fashioned porcelain dolls in them. I had fun with some of the photo's and antiqued them because I thought it looked cute.

At 10 months old both girls are: crawling like crazy, pulling up to their knees, eating 3 solid meals a day and nursing 4 times in a 24 hour period. They spend a lot of time playing independently in their "baby corral." They like listening to stories, their favorite books right now are, Yes or No, Who will Go and Three Billy Goats Gruff. They both like to clap. They both like to say Mama Mama and Dada Dada and NanaNana. I usually like to say what they are doing differently from each other, but they are pretty even right now. Although Maddie has been my better eater lately when it used to be Izzie. That keeps flip flopping. Last month Maddie was picky and Izzie would eat anything.

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shannnah said...

Happy 10 month birthday girls!! They are sooo cute!! I love the old fashioned picture!