Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Part II

After the parade this morning, we got home, ate lunch and played for just a little while. Then I called my friend Melissa and was able to get in and get pictures done of the girls. She has a photography studio out of her house. That was some hard work. Maddie was ALL over the set! But I think we got some great pictures. She's going to get me the proofs soon I hope!

After our photo shoot, the girls took a nap and I went to Kroger. I got the brilliant idea to make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. And I didn't want to make ANY meatballs, I wanted to make the ones I saw on Food Network's Tyler's Ultimate Spaghetti and Meatball show. So, of course they were complicated. I luckily got them made and they were pretty tasty, the sauce, wasn't so great. I've made much better homemade sauces than his recipe.

So, my Mom and Chris came over for dinner and helped me get the girls back in their Halloween Costumes. Then we laid a blanket out on the front lawn and handed out candy to the neighborhood. The girls had no clue what was going on, but they enjoyed watching all of the people walk by. Our plan was to let them stay up until 8 (an hour after their normal bedtime) but they crashed at 7:40. It was a fun evening though.



Me with Maddie

Izzie, Nana and Maddie

Happy Halloween Part I

This morning I took the girls to a PAMOM (Plano Area Mom's of Multiple's) Parade at the mall. It wasn't anything formal, just basically twins and triplets showed up and we walked around the mall waving at all the people. It wasn't organized by the mall. It was a whole bunch of fun. It was so cute seeing all the twins dressed up. Some went identical and some went complimentary. Like the two little kittens and the Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. The girl's Grandma and Grandpa came along with Julie, Sabrina and Sammy.

Maddie and Izzie in their first Halloween costumes. They were frilly Ballerina Princesses.

Here the girls are with their cousins, Sabrina and Sammy.

Some of the twins at the PAMOM parade.

More twins (and some triplets) in Parade!

Twins, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.

Identical Kitty Kats.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

John's home

John finally made it home today. He ended up spending the night at his mom's house last night. And, he'll probably spend the night tonight in the guest room. He was so sick, and we don't want to chance the girls or myself getting what he had! So, he's been walking around the house with a surgical face mask on and I've been quizzing him every 5 minutes as to whether or not he used the hand sanitzer.

The girls and I have just hung out and had an average day. We went on a bike ride. They are starting to get more used to their trailer. We also made it to Walmart to buy candy for tomorrow night. That was interesting. I had both girls strapped in the cart to their booster seats. We got stopped every 5 feet with someone telling me how cute they were. The weirdest one was the lady who asked me if they were identical. Then she said her son was a twin. Then she wanted to know if identical meant girl and fraternal meant boy. I would think that if you had a twin, you would know the answer to that! I just told her that no, you can have identical girls or boys.

We are excited about Halloween tomorrow. We are joining PAMOM at the mall for a twin parade of costumes. It should be fun and exciting. I can't wait to get the girls all dressed up in their frilly princess ballerina costumes.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's been a very long day

John called me this morning from San Fransico. He was very sick all last night. He's supposed to come in tonight. The thing is, if he has the flu, we don't want him around the girls. He may stay at his mom's house tonight. I haven't gotten to talk to him since early this morning, so we'll see how he's feeling when he lands at DFW tonight.

This morning right after I put the girls down for a nap, my friend, Ashley called. She said her mother-in-law was watching her girls and wanted to know if I could go to lunch when she was finished with errands. I really wanted to go, but I had JUST got Maddie asleep and there was NO way I was waking her up! I told her to call me when she was done running errands and we'd see. Well, Maddie woke up 40 minutes later. So, it was good and bad. She had a relatively short nap, but that meant I could go to lunch! Then I had a wonderful brainstorm. I called my mom up and said, "What are you doing RIGHT now?" When she said, just a little of this and a little of that, I asked if she wanted to watch the girls for a bit. I got to go to lunch with a friend without the girls. As much as I love taking them out, it is an ordeal, and you don't get as much visiting in. The girls were great over at Mom's. She had to build a baby corral out of chairs to keep them in the living room. Quite creative!

Mom's homemade baby corral, with chairs turned sideways... I wonder how long this will last?

Yesterday the girls got invited to their very first Halloween party. My friend, Melissa was throwing it for some of the younger kids in the neighborhood. Stephanie (on the right) brought her twin boys, Nick and Max.

Izzie, Maddie, Max (looking at camera) and Nick

Later that evening, my mom came over to help me put the girls down to bed. She had fun putting them in their toy box!

Izzie and Maddie

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yummy finger food meatballs

The girls are getting into fingerfoods with a vengence. They really are starting to enjoy feeding themselves. I like the look of satisfaction that shows up on their faces when the food makes it from hand to mouth. Like, I did it! Well, last night I served hot dogs for the first time (don't worry, I cut them up tiny so they wouldn't choke.) It got me thinking that I needed to start finding some more recipes that aren't in the junkfood category. Here are some Apple Turkey meatballs that I hope they enjoy!

Apple Turkey Meatballs:
1 lb turkey
1/2 cup super finely grated carrot
1/4 cub applesauce
1 tlbs grate onion
1 grated garlic clove
1/4 cup coconut flour or almond flour
2 egg yolks

Mix and make out meatballs or little mini sticks. Place on cookie sheet and bake. Mine were so small that they cooked for 18 min at 350 degrees. I plan on freezing them on the cookie sheet so they don't stick together and then putting them in a zippy bag so that I can portion out however many I need. I made 134 of these tiny things!

Yes, there are three missing... Like I said, they are very tasty! If I was making them for adults I would definitely add salt to the recipe.

Where did Fall go?

I think we must have skipped Fall this year. I was all excited that the weather was getting cooler, and then it went straight to cold! I hoping that this is just a cold front and that it will warm up again. I bought a bike trailer for my girls and I wanted to use it in the Fall not Winter! Although, if we bundle up well enough it should work. It's got a rain cover that will shield out most of the wind too. It's probably warmer (for them) than the stroller. Speaking of which...
(Izzie and Maddie)

last night we went on a walk and had to get all bundled up. It wasn't that cold outside, but it was pretty windy. We just went around the block. I've got to figure a way to keep the blankets tucked around them better. Maddie kept trying to kick hers off. That and their hats, these were a bit small, but I couldn't find any that would go over their ears. All the ones from last year are tiny!

This morning it is still pretty chilly so I left the girls in their new nighties. I bought them some flannel ones at Walmart the other day. They are size 12months so they have a little room to grow, but the fit better than I thought they would. The outfits looked so big on the rack!

Maddie and Izzie posing in their jammies. (They didn't pull themselves up, I stood them up for the photo.)

I love this expression on Izzie's face!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Seismic activity

Okay, so I've decided that my girls are probably never going to have teeth, but they are going to teethe for the rest of their lives. That's one theory. Although, my friends assure me that every baby gets their teeth eventually. My second theory is that they are continuously teething, with no teeth to show. It's sort of like an earthquake. Before an earthquake there's lots of seismic activity underground. Well, today was a day of seismic activity for Izzie. Her gums are swollen and hurting her. This has happened numerous times, and so far, no earthquake... I mean no teeth to show for all of the pain. One day, a tooth will pop and I will be shocked, but until then, I'm no longer calling it teething. I'm calling it seismic activity.

This morning I held what I call a "photo shoot." For every picture I take of the girls, there is usually anywhere between 3-6 pictures that I don't show. Getting decent shots of the girls is getting even more challenging now that they are crawling. Here are some snap shots I took. I liked them so much, I decided to do a collage. Again, even these aren't all of the pictures I took during this "shoot." Click on the picture to make it bigger. Izzie is in the plain shirt and Maddie has the I love Mom on.


Cute pictures of Izzie from last night:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finger food dinner

"I'll try it if you try it!" (Maddie and Izzie)



Tonight I gave Izzie and Maddie a dinner of finger foods. I baked off some sweet potato (that I happened to have grown!) and some zuccini. I diced it up and put it on their tray with some whole wheat toast pieces. The toast went first. But they did a great job, they ate a lot more than I thought they would! I finished their meal off with a bit of pumpkin puree that was left over for lunch. I figured that since we went to the pumpkin patch today that they should try some pumpkin. They loved it!

Pumpkin Patch

Izzie and Maddie

Izzie and Maddie (we were singing Patty Cake trying to get them to smile!)



This morning we took the girls to their very first pumpkin patch with PAMOM. It was funny, when we got there, the introduction lady was all confused and she said, "I'm sure glad someone told me this was "twin" day at the pumpkin patch, I thought I was going crazy seeing so many doubles!" There were a ton of twins, triplets and even some quads there. Maddie and Izzie were bewildered by the pumpkins. They really didn't know what to think of them. Shortly after we go there, John was sitting Maddie down in front of a pumpkin and his back seized up. Then sun was very bright outside, so we had a hard time getting the girls to look up at the camera. I mean, I'm glad we went, but it just didn't turn out how I had hoped.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Field trip to Walmart

Izzie in the back of the shopping cart.

Maddie got to sit up front this time.

Maddie and Izzie helping me to shop.

Izzie and Maddie's first time to shop outside of the baby carseat.

Yes, even Walmart can be a fieldtrip when you've got twins. We were starting to go stir crazy, for some reason this week, we've been at home alot. John took a half day again today, but I decided to take the girls with me shopping. I know that I wanted to get out of the house for a bit, and I was sure the girls would enjoy it too. The thing is, the last time we went shopping, I knew the baby carseats in the shopping cart were no longer going to cut it. When they are in their carseats it makes them have to lay down while we shop and that is just too boring now days. I was brainstorming ways to shop with twins and mom came up with a great idea. About a month ago, she bought me some booster seats that are awesome. We've used them several different ways. Anyway, her idea was to strap the booster seat to the cart and put the girls in that. It worked beautifully!

My girls are growing up. It's so hard! Today was their first time to ride around in the cart without their carseats. Soon they will be toddlers and not babies. I bought them size 12month clothes today!!! I automatically start looking at the 3 month clothes, and then have to remind myself they aren't itty bitty anymore. Today Maddie is wearing a size 6-9month outfit that I just bought at Kid-to-Kid (used kids store) and it's already almost too small for her.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Isabelle and Madeline in overalls that they got from their second cousin Madison.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just one of those days

This week has been one heck of a roller coaster. Monday was rough, yesterday was terrific and today was all over the place. Somehow our house must have been invaded with mosquitos and my girls must be sweeter than I am. I got one bite on my leg, but poor Maddie got eaten up. I think last count she had 9 bites. I only actaully SAW two mosquitos all day, but every time I looked at the girls there would be another bite. I think Izzie ended up with 4. We didn't even go outside today (well we did this evening, but that was after all of the bites.) The windows and doors have been shut. I think we just has a hungry mosquito. I'm just crossing my fingers it IS a mosquito. I told John that if the girls wake up with even MORE dots that I'm calling the pedi. I did see a mosquito land once on Maddie and once on Izzie and then a bump showed up in that spot about 2 minutes later. I dotted them with itch cream all day long.

So, they must have been feeling pretty bad. Their naps were a bit off today too. Which meant they were really tired by the time John came home from work. I was a bit cranky from the day too. So, poor John walked into a household of 3 whiny babies today! Now, the girls are asleep and I've taken a long relaxing shower and John has had some time to relax too. It's just one day on the roller coaster, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy day

Maddie and Izzie at Mogio's.

Besides the day starting way earlier than I would have liked, it's been a great day. The girls woke up at 6:30. I do not like this trend. The thing is, I would be getting plenty of sleep if I didn't have to get up so many times at night. I go to bed between 9:30 and 10pm these days. But the girls are driving me crazy with their pacifiers. They want them many times throughout the night, but they don't wake up enough to find them in their crib. They just cry until I get up and put them in for them. If I wait, and see if they will do it, they cry so hard they wake themselves up and then it is close to impossible to get them back to bed. It's a catch 22. If I just get up and give them the paci in the short run, I get more sleep. I do not want to do cry-it-out. The girls are 10 months old, and I have yet to resort to letting them cry themselves to sleep. I just don't believe in it. I'm trying to figure out some other alternative at this point. I'm not even trying to wean them from the paci, I'm not concerned with that until age 2. At this point I just want them to put their own paci's in their mouth! Okay... didn't know I was going to go off on a very long tangent, but it's been driving me crazy. Basically, because of the multiple times I get up plus the one night nursing I still have, I need to sleep at least until 7:30 to feel rested.

Back on track. The girls woke up at 6:30, but thankfully this morning they woke up in a chatty mood. They laid (ha!) I mean, they stayed in their cribs until 7:15 just chatting and squealing happily. I rolled over and woke up slowly. Finally I got up to greet the day. We played hard this morning. Both girls are getting to be great crawlers. Especially Maddie. She flies across the room like she's been crawling forever. At 10:30 they were still happy, but I needed them to go take a nap, because I was meeting mom for lunch at noon. I took them upstairs, figuring it was going to be hard to get them down, but they went right to sleep. After nap time, we met Mom and Chris at Mogio's a new italian place in Murphy. Maddie and Izzie both think that they should be able to eat whatever is on my plate. I brought them some baby purees and some diced pears and cheese to munch on. I didn't figure a stromboli was quite what their diet needed.

After lunch, we went on a bike ride in our new trailer. They took to it much better today. But still, I was only able to go for about a mile before Maddie started to get really upset. I think they just need to get used to it. More play time, then nap time. I went to Kid to Kid when John got home and bought some new onesies for the girls. Dinner and then even more playtime. We are about to head out for a walk and then it'll be time for beddie bye. The day has run like clock work and been a fun filled day.

I think my favorite moment was when Izzie crawled in my lap this morning and gave me a hug. I love my girls so much!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

10 months old

Madeline and Isabelle

Madeline and Isabelle



Madeline and Isabelle (Old Fashioned)

Madeline and Isabelle are 10 months old today! I'm not sure what it is about their month "birthday's" but they tend to be on the grumpy side. Maybe my girls don't like getting older. The reason this stands out to me is I'm always trying to do pictures on these days, and I have a horrible time getting smiles. As most people know, my girls are no stranger to the camera, they smile and ham it up most of the time. The dresses they are wearing in their 10 month pictures came from Pat, Susie and Jeanne some of my cousins in Alabama. They look like old fashioned porcelain dolls in them. I had fun with some of the photo's and antiqued them because I thought it looked cute.

At 10 months old both girls are: crawling like crazy, pulling up to their knees, eating 3 solid meals a day and nursing 4 times in a 24 hour period. They spend a lot of time playing independently in their "baby corral." They like listening to stories, their favorite books right now are, Yes or No, Who will Go and Three Billy Goats Gruff. They both like to clap. They both like to say Mama Mama and Dada Dada and NanaNana. I usually like to say what they are doing differently from each other, but they are pretty even right now. Although Maddie has been my better eater lately when it used to be Izzie. That keeps flip flopping. Last month Maddie was picky and Izzie would eat anything.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

First bicycle ride

This morning started out with the girls playing in the toy room like usual. They look so cute standing up sharing their table toy. They can't pull themselves up yet (Maddie did it ONCE) so I prop them up, and they stand there by themselves for a pretty long time. They don't know how to sit down without face planting, so I usually stay close by to help them sit down. Izzie is on the left and Maddie is standing right.

I just thought this shot was precious.

Right about lunch time, Mema and Pepaw came over from Mom's house to say goodbye. They were about to head back to Bryan. Pepaw had to say goodbye to his girls. Here he is with Maddie.

After everyone left, John Chenault (John's friend) came over to watch football. I don't like football, so I took the girls out to go shopping. I had planned on using our garage sale money to buy seats for the back of our bikes. I found out that a bike trailer cost about the same, so I bought this trailer for the girls. They really didn't like it at first, but after I got going they loved it. Maddie even fell asleep.

Here I am with Izzie and Maddie.

The garage sale

John sitting out at the garage sale.

Nana and Izzie.

Mema with Maddie and Izzie.

Pepaw "helping" out at the garage sale!

So, yesterday was the community garage sale. What a day. We woke up before the crack of dawn so that we could "try" and organize all of the junk. Apparently we shouldn't have tried pricing anything because we over priced pretty much everything. By the time we figured that out, and we were trying to sell for less, it was too late in the day. All the customers were finished shopping. Now our garage has so much stuff in it we are worse off than we were before the sale! We plan on making a trip to Goodwill asap. I did get some of my baby clothes sold. John sold all of his D&D books. I sold a bouncy seat.

Mema and Mom had a blast (I think) playing with the girls. Watching them try to dress and feed the girls was funny. Part of it was my fault, I had the girls clothes washed, but not put up, so they had a hard time finding something for them to wear. Then Maddie peed in her first outfit, so they had to find another one. Then she pooped through the second one. So they had to change her again! The girls had a blast playing with their Nana and Mema all day long. By the end of the night they pretty much crashed. They didn't even make it until their 7 o'clock bedtime. We put them down at 6:30.