Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Much better

Today is the third day we've been home and I think the girls are finally getting adjusted back to their normal routine. They've been so clingy that I've had a hard time getting anything done around the house. Someone suggested to me that it also could be teething again. Apparently some babies get extra clingy when their gums hurt, they want their mom's to make them feel better. We tried some orajel on the girls last night and it did seem to help a bit. I did it again today, and it stopped some of the fussiness for a while.

I've tried to keep yesterday and today as boring and routine as possible. I figured that would help things and it seems to be paying off. The girls are down for a nap right now. They've been pretty fun and active today. They jumped in their jumperoo's for thirty whole minutes this morning. It is the cutest thing ever. I love the look they get in their eyes when they see each other. Then they start giggling and then jumping like crazy.

For lunch today I made them banana yogurt. They were saying "Um um Um UM!!" over and over. Apparently it went over very well. I added a drop of vanilla and some cinnamon to the mushed bananas and greek yogurt. Greek yogurt doens't have any sugar added and is actually pretty tart.

John is at his company summer party. Two years ago it was on a boat on one of the lakes in town. Last year, the lady who planned it was on maternity leave so it never got planned. This year it's at Main Event. They are bowling, playing laser tag and other fun activities to build team spirit. He should be coming home a bit late from his fun day. Hopefully he's scoring some big points for his team bowling!

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