Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 9, Home Sweet Home

Well, we made it home safe and sound after a very long day. The strange thing is right now it's 8:30p Dallas time, which means technically it should feel like 6:30p Tahoe time on my body. Then please explain why it feels like 10:30p instead??

It was a good day. We woke up at 6:30 and finished packing up. Then, guess where we went? Yep. The Lakeside Inn and Casino for breakfast. By this time, I was actually tired of the place so I ate cereal in the room before we left. Somehow I still ended up eating Grandma's hashbrowns! She gave me her portion everyday. Anyway, I digress. From the Lakeside we loaded up and drove the hour to Reno. The girls had fun playing on the floor in the airport before take off. We were trying to wear them out as much as we could. People were starting to get very afraid. I think there were 5 babies and a few toddlers on our flight.

The girls were terrific! Grandma was terrific! She has a hard time flying usually, but today she did great. She even made Maddie smile when she got tired of sitting in my lap. The girls slept for a portion of the trip. They didn't cry at all. I was worried they'd cry during take off or landing, but we got lucky! When we exited the plane a lady approached John and told him he was super dad and wanted to give him $20 for how well behaved our babies were. We told her thank you, but didn't accept her gift.

Mom picked us up at the airport in my van and we went to her house for a yummy spaghetti dinner. After dinner, we drove back to my house with mom so she could pick up her car. When I walked in the door I had a huge surprise! She had my house cleaned while I was gone. I am so thankful, I hate coming home to a messy house. Before Tahoe, I was sick (then the girls got sick) and John had been out of town for the week. It was all I could do to get packed much less clean house before we left. I walked in to a spotless kitchen and was thrilled beyond words.

The girls went down at 7:30 Dallas time (5:30 Tahoe time!) they were so tired. I hope they don't wake up at 4:30a tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Grandma and Grandpa miss you already! It's very quiet here. We were so proud of our girls all week. Glad you had a safe trip home. See you next week!