Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 8, First Accident

The whole family was going to go to dinner together on our last night in Tahoe. Well, those that were still here, as Larry and Jan left this morning and Terri and Jeff left yesterday. We picked this place called Blue Water Bistro on Lake Tahoe. No one had been to it yet. Well, it was a tiny place. The setting was gorgeous, but there was no way our whole family could fit. Bummer. So, it being a Saturday night in Tahoe, most places were pretty packed. Last minuted we decided the buffet at the Horizon. Lynn and I wanted to try it out anyway. It was a small place packed to maxium capacity. The food was standard buffet fair, pretty decent. The girls were acting like little angels. They ate some steamed carrots and bread, but as it was aproaching past their bed time they started getting fussy. John and I decided it was time to get back to the condo before full blown crying started. Did I mention the place was packed? We were trying to open the stroller and move highchairs and get diaper bags and do it all very quickly. I plopped Izzie in the stroller and John moved her over to the other side and strapped her in. I then plunked Maddie in the stroller and then bent over to get the diappy bag. John starts trying to move the stroller through the restuarant and Maddie all of a sudden was on the floor! I didn't strap her in, I thought John was going to. He didn't strap her in because he thought I was going to. She is okay, just a tiny bump on the head. She calmed down faster than I did. We got them back to the condo in one piece and now they are sleeping peacefully.


Kara Ross said...

Amanda, We had this happen except it was in the car seat! Imagine my surprise when my 9 month old had flipped over in his car seat and was standing up in his carseat bouncing up and down like he was in a rodeo!! He had such a proud look on his face!!! My four year old got one hand on him and I had my his other until we quickly got pulled over to buckle in!!! YIKES! I had forgotten to buckle him in!! Your trip looks wonderful!!
Kara (PAMOM)

Amanda D said...

Yikes! It's so easy to get distracted with more than one. We had fun on our trip, and it was easier than I thought it would be!