Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 8, 9 Months Old

Happy 9 months old to the girls!!! Maddie and Izzie are 9 months today. They've come a long way in the last month, and they've jumped leaps and bounds in the past week.

Maddie and Izzie both are saying MamaMamaMama. They are eating a lot of different types of solids and even starting to finger feed themselves some fruits and cereals. They are starting to get up on their knees and rock, one step away from crawling. They both will reach out for someone to pick them up. They also started waving this last week. Izzie is saying DadaDadaDada and Maddie started clapping.

They've been on an airplane and in two different states than the one they live in! I say they've done a lot.

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shannnah said...

Happy 9 month birthday Maddie and Izzie!! Can you belive how fast time goes?? :( glad you are having fun!