Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 6, Morning & Afternoon

This morning started like normal. We headed to the Lakeside for breakfast. We went with Lynn, Grandma, Larry and Betty. John went into the casino while we waited for breakfast. He was playing some of the penny machines. He went in with $34 on his ticket and came back with $61, not too bad for 15 minutes of gambling!

After breakfast everyone split up. We actually said our good buys to Terri and Jeff last night since they were leaving early this morning. Then the rest of the gang went on a field trip to Placerville and Apple Hill for lunch. Apple Hill is supposed to have some fantastic apple pies. We decided to stay back, because we didn't want such a long trip with the girls. We went on a hike called the "Stream Profile" It's put together by the Tahoe Ecological Society or something like that. It's a paved hike with plaques that talk about the different ecological systems you pass on the walk. It's just a easy hike that is stroller friendly. On one part of the hike you walk into a buidling that is below the level of the stream. It looks like a fish tank, but it's the actual stream. Maddie and Izzie got to see a fish swim right by them. They were watching it very closely. I wanted to take a picture of the girls in the grass. John was worried about bugs. I won, and we got some very cute pictures.

When we got back from the Stream Profile, Maddie took a nap, but Izzie refused. I went down to the pool for a while to enjoy some peace and quiet. Now, John headed up to the casinos for an hour and I'm watching the girls.

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