Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 6, Last Night

Yesterday afternoon John, the girls and I went for a stroll down the main drag of South Lake Tahoe. Mostly to just get out and walk around with the girls. They really enjoyed it. I can't get over how many more people stop us here to comment about "the twins" than at home. Everywhere we go, people are stopping us and saying how cute they are. (Which of course, is obvious.) We stopped at Cold Stone Creamery and bought some ice cream. I let the girls taste a tiny bite of my sweet cream ice cream. They said Um Um UM!

Last night for dinner we ate at Teps which is an Italian Restaurant. We've decided that you can't get good service in Tahoe. Which is strange since it is a tourist town. The lady tried to sit Julie, Chris, John and I at a table with three highchairs. Fine, that is what we were hoping for. She took us to a table and had all the adults on one side and was going to put all the highchairs in a row on the other side of the table. We tried to explain that wouldn't work. It was quite chaotic. We finally got seated and Izzie started crying. John ended up having to take his food to go so he could hold Izzie. Luckily, the food was excellent. The girls were just over tired. They slept great once we got them home.

After we put them down to bed, John and I took the baby monitor over to the solarium where we met up with Betty, Lynne, Jackie and Grandma to play a dice game called Left, Right, Center. We played 5 rounds with quaters and John won 3 and I won 1. We made it home with $13 in quarters, not too bad!

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