Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday dinner

This evening we went to Romano's Macaroni Grill for my mom's birthday. I'll just say it was a milestone birthday and leave it at that. Tomorrow is her actual birthday. We had a delicious and fun time. The girls were pretty good too. They sat in their high chairs for an hour before they started to get fussy. They calmed down when John and I held them. It was so cute, we gave Maddie a toasted pita triangle that was part of the appetizer to chew on for a bit. It looked like a big pizza slice in her mouth. She was going to town on it. I had to give Izzie a piece too. They brought mom out a cake and a flower and sang happy birthday to her in Italian.

On the way home, Maddie cried almost the whole way. It was an hour after her bedtime and she was exhausted. We decided to skip baths, she just wanted her bunny, her paci and her bed. I was nursing them before we put them down, but she finally stopped and wasn't happy until her head hit the mattress. She was out like a lightbulb at that point. Izzie was tired too, but she was more concerned with why her sissy was crying so hard. Once she realized Maddie was okay, she was fine too.

On another birthday note... my friend Jamie's son, Nicholas Norgaard, turned ONE today!!! What a big boy! Maybe I can coax a picture out of Jamie to post on my blog?? ;) (*hint hint Jamie)

Happy Birthday to my Momma!

Here's Maddie eating her "pizza."

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grandma said...

Happy birthday to Nana all the way from Tahoe!