Monday, September 29, 2008

9 month check-up, 9 days late

Today was the girls 9 month check up. The good news: They are doing great and didn't have to have any shots! No bad news to report. Doctor Lanman said that the girls were doing excellent in every aspect. They are growing great, developing great and she said they are so cute! She is a doctor, so that must be an important thing! Here are their official stats:

Madeline Elizabeth:
Head circumference:17.25"
Weight: 17 lbs 3 oz
Height: 27.5"

Isabelle Dawn:
Head circumference: 17"
Weight: 16 lbs 14 oz
Height: 28"

Now for an image of foreshadowing...

No, Izzie didn't pull herself up, I helped her, but she stayed up long enough for a few photos!

Izzie and Maddie playing. Maddie is more interested in crawling than pulling up. She also likes things that aren't "toys." Both girls like to put stuff into things. Next to Maddie is a clear plastic container. They love putting smaller objects in it and then dumping them out.

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