Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Working girls

Today I took the girls to the office to see Daddy at work and then we took him out to eat. The girls had a blast being at work. We put them straight to work as you can see them typing on their keyboards.

Maddie is typing so fast her hand blurred!

Daddy and Izzie working hard.

The girls were a big hit at the office, everyone had to come and see them. Jeannie was just itching to pick one of them up. Surprisingly enough, Maddie didn't cry at all when she held her!

Here's Maddie with Jeannie.

Maddie with Lance.

Wow, what a big world it is. (Izzie and Daddy)

Maddie had to see the view too!

After all the hard work we did at the office, we had to take a lunch break. So we asked Daddy if he wanted to go out to eat with us. He said yes, and we went to Great Wall of China Buffet. While John and I ate Chinese food, the girls ate their toes. They've decided toes taste good. I've been trying to capture it on film for a few days, but haven't managed yet. Every time they see the camera they let go of their feet! We had really good fortunes. Mine said, that something great would happen three months from today. John's said that this year would bring great happiness.

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