Monday, August 4, 2008

When it's too hot to swim

We've had "indoor" days for the last two days. Yesterday my themometer that is sitting on my front porch read 124degrees. That was in direct sun. Today is supposed to get just as hot. So the girls and I just spent the day playing indoors. I think sometimes they are getting bored of their toys. They are starting to out grow their "baby" toys. They still like their rattles for now, but now they use them as chew toys. I've started buying some of the next stage toys. Things to encourage them to sit up and or crawl. They are sitting pretty well now. They are both still pretty wobbly, but can hold a seated position for a few minutes before toppling over.

I like spending time outdoors, but as much as I take the girls out on walks, I don't want to take them out in this heat. Tomorrow I think we will be able to go on our walk if we go first thing when we wake up. We didn't get started early today so it was too late.

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