Sunday, August 3, 2008

Arts & Crafts and D&D

John had the guys over for Dungeons and Dragons today. The girls have been excellent! They have been in a good mood. After their first nap I gave them peaches for the first time. I don't think they either liked them or disliked them. Mostly they were acting like they weren't too hungry. We'll try them again later. After "lunch" I took the girls up to my art room because I had a goal to finish a project I started this week. I set up a little pallet on the floor with their toys. I didn't get too far when they started fussying that they were tired. I was surprised because they'd only been up for 2 hours, but they didn't have a very long first nap. So, I put them down to nap again. While they were napping I went back to the art room and finished my project! I made a little bedside table for between their cribs with a matching lamp/nightlight. It turned out great! After they woke up, I gave the girls to the guys playing D& D so I could install the table. I made it like a half circle and hung it on the wall like a shelf. I sewed a table skirt to go around it and stapled it to the table. The lamp I bought at Hobby Lobby for $7 but it looked nothing like I wanted. It had a black stand and a red shade. I peeled off the red fabric and put my own on and painted the base white.

The table & lamp I made for the girl's room.

The plaque I bought the other day (above the mirror) that says, "My prince has come; his name is Daddy."

A poster I bought a long time ago and FINALLY got hung up!

Izzie playing D&D with the "guys."

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