Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our sacks of potatoes

Izzie in her sleep sack.

Maddie in hers. (Notice how she turned herself sideways!)

Yum, toes! (Maddie)

Is that me or sissy??? (Maddie)

Izzie got dressed first and is waiting for Maddie to hurry up!

For the past two nights the girls have slept unswaddled. Here I was thinking that they were going to have to go off to college swaddled. People kept telling me that they'd let us know when they were through with it. We tried pushing it a few months ago. But when it comes down to it, it worked and we figured we'd keep swaddling until it didn't work. Good plan. So I noticed that Maddie was having a horrible time getting comfy when we put her down. She would roll to the left, roll to the right, and then do a 180 in the crib, I thought to myself, I think she's ready for her other arm to be free. (We have been "swaddling" with just one arm down for about a month now.) I pulled out the sleep sacks, aka the potato sack. It sort of looks like a pillow case with arm holes. You put the girls in and zip them up. It's a blanket that they can roll around in, but can't wiggle out of. We've used those for the past two nights and they've slept like a charm. They are being less baby every single day. It's truly amazing how fast a person grows their first year of life.

Another amazing thing is that they are sleeping in today. It's after 8 am and they aren't awake yet. Doesn't bode well for nap time, but maybe they will only want one nap today. They did wake up at 6am for a nursing, but went right back to sleep. I wish I could drop that nursing, it usually is around 5am, but I guess they still need it.

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